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Labelling Your Child's Items & Water Bottle Info

What should I label this year for my child? 

  • Students cannot share any supplies. 
  • Please ensure EVERY item belonging to your child (supplies and clothing) are labelled clearly with your child's name. This includes your child’s mask(s), water bottle, school supplies, backpack, lunch kit, outerwear and footwear, since there will not be a whole school "Lost and Found" at CLES for the time being. 
  • *Students often take off their sweaters during gym class then leave them there accidently, so we’d recommend that parents please label sweaters also.

Can my child use the school water fountains?

  • Our water fountains are sanitized repeatedly throughout the day by our full time custodian.  However, we encourage your child to have a labelled water bottle at school, which they can refill at our various water-filling stations. Please send a water bottle to school with your child if you have not.  
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