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CLES WALK-A-THON Fundraiser!!!

Message from our Parent Advisory Committee: Walk-A-Thon is May 24! This is a super fun day where students will walk and play to raise funds for some new playground equipment where EVERYONE can play!! Inclusive playground equipment is so important, but it's also expensive - so we are calling out all families and friends to team up with CLES PAC to make it happen - then ALL of our friends can play together!!

This beautiful child is Ava! Having an inclusive playground would give Ava a chance to feel like she is part of the community - just like all the other kids.  An inclusive playground would mean Ava wouldn't have to sit on the sidelines anymore! It would give her the chance to be included and do what all kids should - PLAY!

How can you help? By walking and raising money! How can we raise money? You can take a paper sneaker home, put your name on the sneaker and decorate it! Each sneaker is a toonie! Bring back your sneaker and your toonie(s) and we can show off these sneakers! 5 sneakers were sent home with each student - ask your teacher if you need more!

Grown-ups can donate by e-transfer to: OR on School Cash Online!  It's so easy (and fun!) to support this event!  We will be sharing the results on our Facebook page! Donations will be accepted until May 24th! Volunteers are needed - grown ups, please email us at if you can volunteer for the morning, afternoon, or both!



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