Outbreak (10+) Cases Confirmed

Alberta Health Services has placed the school on Outbreak status based on 10 or more cases being confirmed that could have been acquired or transmitted in the school.

All students, staff and visitors are required to complete the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist before coming to school each day and follow the direction provided in the document if they answer "Yes" to any of the questions.


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Merry Christmas from the CLES Staff!

We'd like to send all of you warm season's greetings,

We know this year ends with a mixture of feelings.


Bitmojis are cute, and they look like our faces,

Cartoons and bright colours, in X'mas-y places,


We wish you a holiday of love, laughter and fun,

We'll see all of you soon, in 2021!!


Merry Christmas to ALL! 

Love the CLES Staff

CLES STAFF X'mas Bitmojis - Can you guess Who's Who?!!

I love working in the front office and helping parents and students!
I sure enjoy teaching 2P! (Starbucks is also something I enjoy!!)
I am so proud of the students for using their KELSO's choices and STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Right!)
Teaching Music is so much fun! I can't wait for us to all sing together again soon!
My 2 granddaughters are having their first Christmas this year! It'll be so much fun to watch them open presents! Being an EA in Grade 4 is a joy!
I teach Kindergarten and my 2 daughters attend CLES too!
Being a Kindergarten EA is wonderful (And one day soon I'll be a teacher)!
I'm a new EA at CLES and I really like this school! 
I was teaching Mrs. Mills' class this winter, and boy,  those 2L students are smart!!
Being a principal is THE BEST JOB EVER! I love my CLES students, staff, and parents dearly!
I'm a preschool EA - Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope Santa is good to all of you! I'm a grade 2 teacher!
I will see you all soon, Grade 2's! I've missed you!
People say I make pretty good Cinnamon Buns - I sure enjoy baking! Teaching Grade 4 is a blast! 
I love driving around and seeing the Christmas Light decorations in our community. I'm a grade 3 teacher!
My grade 3 students are SO BRIGHT, that I have to wear shades!
Teaching gym class is a wonderful part of being the Assistant Principal!
I hope Santa brings me Mini Eggs this year (yummmm!) I work in the office helping students and parents!
WEEEEEEE! When I'm not teaching Grade 1, I love being outdoors!
Baking and finding new recipes is definitely a hobby! I teach Grade 2!
When I'm not teaching Grade 4, I enjoy family time, technology, and Pepsi!
I keep the school sanitized and clean for all the CLES students and staff!
I hope you get to spend lots of time outdoors during your holday! I'm an EA in Kindergarten
Enjoy every precious minute with your families. I'm an EA in Kindergarten.
HO HO HO! I wanted to say hi boys and girls! You are all on my NICE List! Keep being AWESOME!
I hope you have time to read lots of books this holiday! See you in January!
I sure am excited to spend time with my dog, Charlie, over the holidays!
Since I can't attend any concerts this holiday, I'll be playing my music real loud! Happy Holidays, from Grade 3!
Take the 'r' out of my last name and it spells BOOKS! Will you read any books over the holidays?
Teaching Preschool at CLES is SUPER AWESOME!
We sure enjoyed Milk and Cookie day at CLES! I teach Kindergaren!
Will you feed the reindeer on Christmas Eve? I teach Kindergarten.
Singing Carols is one of my favourite Christmas traditions. I teach grade 1!
Stay warm, everyone! We'll see you in 2021! I teach Grade 1! 
Will you get any exercise on the holiday? I hope so! I will be teaching Gym class again soon!
Green candy and green icing on my gingerbread cookie is delightful. I teach Grade 4!
I teach Grade 2! My favourite Christmas snacks are my wife's chocolate Snowballs! What are your favourite Christmas treats?
I'm an EA in Kindergarten but I'm trapped here in this snowglobe! Merry Christmas Everyone!
I enjoy teaching students about Christmas Traditions throughout the world. "Buon Natale" means "Merry Christmas" in Italian, and we learned that this year in Grade 3!
Frohe Weihnachten is Merry Christmas in German! I'm an EA in Grade 1!
Warm wishes for a HAPPY holiday! I work in the office with Ms. Marche!
Sending you all joy and love this holiday season. I'm an EA in Kindergarten!
Wearing our matching PJs on Christmas Eve is a family tradition. What are your family traditions? I teach Grade 1!
Out of School Care is where I like to be! Stay safe everyone!
Grade 4's, we'll be reading more Harry Potter after the Christmas break!
I'm one of Santa's favourite elves because I love PROJECTS!! I'm also an EA in Grade 2!
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