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Embrace the Attitude of Gratitude: Cultivating Mental Well-Being in October

Hello, wonderful parents and students!

In the month of October we embarked on a transformative journey centered around the theme of Gratitude. This month, let's uncover the magic of gratitude and how it can uplift our spirits and nurture our mental well-being. This month students read a variety of different books leading up to Thanksgiving within their classrooms and students reflected on all the the people/places and things that they were thankful for and about how they show gratitude to those around them. Some of the books that were read in  classrooms include:

What a Wonderful World 

Gratitude is my Superpower

Resource Roundup: Nurturing Gratitude

Explore these curated resources designed to inspire gratitude in parents and students of all ages, enriching your mental health journey:


For more resources, check out the Gratitude page on the NLPS website.


Reflecting on Last Month: Your Insights Matter!

In September, we dived into self-reflection and awareness. We'd love to hear your experiences: How did our previous mental health blog post influence your family? Share feedback and ideas that brought positive change.

Fostering Gratitude: Tips for Students

Students, embrace gratitude for a brighter school journey:

  1. Gratitude Journal: Get yourself a cool notebook and spend a few minutes each day jotting down things you're grateful for. It could be as simple as a sunny day, a delicious meal, or a good laugh with friends. Writing it down helps you remember and appreciate those moments even more.
  2. Thank-You Notes: Surprise someone with a handwritten thank-you note. It could be your best friend, a teacher, or even a family member. Let them know how grateful you are for their support, kindness, or the positive impact they've had on your life. It's a double dose of gratitude—making someone else's day and boosting your own mood!
  3. Gratitude Jar: Find a jar or a cute container and start collecting gratitude notes. Whenever something good happens, write it down on a colorful slip of paper and drop it into the jar. On days when you need a pick-me-up, grab a handful of those gratitude notes and read them aloud. It's like having a jar of happiness!
  4. Acts of Kindness: Spread the gratitude love by doing something kind for others. It could be as simple as holding the door open, offering a smile, or helping a classmate with their homework. Acts of kindness not only make others feel good, but they also fill your heart with gratitude and satisfaction.

Guess what? When you practice gratitude, it's contagious! Your positive vibes can inspire others to do the same. Imagine creating a gratitude ripple effect in your school, where everyone starts appreciating and uplifting each other. It's like a gratitude revolution! Life isn't always a walk in the park, and we face challenges along the way. But even during tough times, gratitude can be your secret weapon. When you shift your focus to what you're grateful for, it helps you find strength, resilience, and a new perspective. Remember, tough times don't last, but gratitude does!

Connect with Our Student Advocacy Counsellors: Here to Listen

-Seeking guidance or want to discuss well-being? Our Student Advocacy Counsellors are here for you. Reach out at or call 780-639-3107. Let's continue our journey of growth and gratitude together.

Here's to a month of gratitude, blooming connections, and an uplifted sense of well-being. Let's cultivate an attitude of gratitude and spread positivity!

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